Most Popular Wedding Photography Trends for 2019

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As with any industry it evolves and there are changes and trends. We round up trends you can find in the wedding photography world and things more and more couples are starting to do and also trends from wedding photographers themselves too.

Wedding Photography Trends 2019

We have rounded up popular trends when it comes to wedding photography and what to think about, include and also exclude from your wedding.

More relaxed weddings

The days of a formal and traditional weddings have eased with more and more relaxed and informal wedding ceremonies taking place of which we expect to increase. Couples look to celebrate in a more relaxed and sociable way, with the focus on the people and guests and less about the details.

Although not a specific photography trend it sets up a change in the wedding industry and the style of weddings couples look to have. With the high costs and large amounts spent on weddings, couples are more cost aware and look to create and have a beautiful and enjoyable day without costing them a small fortune. This change in styles and a more relaxed feel take us to our first photography point with the growth in documentary photography. Read More...

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Article was originally published on: December 6, 2018